How to explain? In a nutshell it is a book. But that's not all. It was written by A.C. Weisbecker. Trying to explain the plot is a little tricky.

It all started when Jose mugged a family. Or maybe it all started during the Don Juan incident. We'll assume it was the former. Amongst the items stolen from the above family were books on quantum physics and some postcards.

The books gave our Narrator (and his two pets, High Pockets the dog and Legs, the snake), tremendous insight. Maybe it wasn't the books, maybe it was the Mescaline. We'll never know.

All we do know is that the Narrator decides to find the man of the family that was mugged. He must know the answers. This is no easy task. Our narrator is wanted by just about every law official in North America.

On the way, he preaches to Banditos throughout South America. He teaches them the way of Quantum Physics. The Uncertainty Principle, the Many Banditos Theory and so on.

The adventures are many and insane. On the way, he meets up with most of the family culminating in the fantastic climatic meeting with the Man himself.

The book was inexplicably deleted. Copies of the book were selling for over $300. My first edition was nicked by a friend of mine. I was a little bit annoyed by this. It was later reinstated and is now to be released as a movie starring John Cusack.

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