Don't you ever wonder how deeply the small things in life affect who you are? I have listened to Dave Matthews Band's song "Dancing Nancies" which has several quotes to that effect. Here are a few:

"Like if you took a left turn instead of taking a right you could be somebody different"
"If I had thrown a curve instead of the fast, could we be drinking champagne instead of rum right now?"

So I wonder, if I drink a Coca-Cola for lunch instead of a Mountain Dew, who will I be a year from now? If you don't pick up that penny you see on the street, will the bus you ride next week be late? If you turned your head one second faster would you see your deity of choice? If you thought of a song just a little longer, would it come on the radio? How would people think of you differently if you said "Greetings" instead of "Hello"? If your parental units had chosen a different math professor, would you be here right now as yourself? Or if you were, would you like the same TV shows that you do?

Yes, this is a variation of Chaos theory gone horribly wrong, and there is little basis to the examples I've given. Unfortunately, cause and effect in the real world is wonky at best, and things are often not what they seem.

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