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Cox model airplane engines are superbly built reliable engines that were very popular in the 50's, 60's end the 70's.

Production of Cox engines began in the 50's, and their relatively low pricetag and excellent craftmanship ensured the success of the engines. The company ran into a financial trouble after the death of company's president's wife, who was also the main stockholder. In order to avoid huge taxes, the company had to be sold to Leisure Dynamics in 1975. Some time later, Leisure Dynamics went bankrupt, and the production ceased.

Number of cox engines built exceeds 100.000.000 units.

Most popular engine types were Cox Tee Dee and Babe Bee.
Both had displacement range covering every classified displacement from 0.010 cubic inches (0.16 CC) to 0.049 CID (0.8 CC).

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