Television drama series aired on the NBC network starting in the fall of 2001 (also shown in reruns on A&E cable network). It's set in the Boston Office of the Medical Examiner, starring Jill Hennessy as Jordan Cavanaugh, a coroner who breaks all the rules, goes out to investigate crimes herself instead of waiting for the police, and is obsessed with finding out who murdered her mother when she was young.

Helping Jordan get in and out of trouble are her father, Max Cavanaugh, a former cop who left the force in disgrace and now runs a bar; her boss and longtime friend Garret Macy; fellow pathologists "Bug" and Nigel; grief counselor Lily, and police detective Woody Hoyt.

While the series was a hit in it's first season, becoming the top rated new drama of the season, ratings fell off in the second due to competition from CSI: Miami. The third season was delayed by the pregnancy of Jill Hennessy at a time when it didn't make sense for her character to be pregnant and would have caused massive changes in the show, so didn't begin airing until March 2004, in a new Sunday 10pm timeslot where ratings picked up again without the head-to-head competition of CSI.

It's been compared to the classic TV show Quincy, M.E., and Quincy himself, Jack Klugman, made a guest appearance in one episode as a senior medical examiner.

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