This is the way it is done: in the darkness of the midday sun when the shadows are starting to lengthen on a cloudless summer day, without a word spoken and giving no sign of what is to come. The stranger who chances to pass your spot on the plaza will have no companion, ideally, and can be identified as having no real destination, as if they will not soon be missed. With your natural allure entice him or her into a space on an upper floor, offering a lavish amount, as you will have no need to deliver anything in the end. They may be reluctant, seeing your unusual manner, or they may wish to turn the tables on you, thinking that you are weak and will serve as a victim yourself. Use this greed of theirs against them with full unpremeditated commitment, for it is nothing other than a sign that this ceremony will be one of great power. Lower their defenses by offering them something sweet to consume -- a goblet of wine, a hard candy unwrapped by your own hand, even a joint of sugarcane if it fit into the milieu -- and whether they accept or not, partake of the same yourself, with evident delight in your reaction. Do not rush and do not chatter, for this is abominable. Reach behind you at one point and if they do not involuntarily take fright then you know that the time is near. Anything they say is of no account, as it leads nowhere on this bright day as you well know. Then when it comes to the final scene, the savory bit, that is the time when you must carry off your best feat of acting, for this is when your vulnerability must come out. In a natural way, not as if it was in any way contrived. Choose whether it should be a physical infirmity, a mental shortcoming, a dullness of the social faculties, or some other weakness of yours based on what you observe of the stranger's vanity and pride in the short time you have. The sorry scene need not be dragged out. Then when the matter has been taken up in the other's mind, invading their attention, that is when you can do what we will not speak of openly, putting full force into your stroke. There will be no witnesses and no one will interrupt, for this moment belongs to another greater than either of you two.

Depart, without haste, leaving nothing of your own. When it is over with, you need no longer think of your being in any human terms, not ever again.

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