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Curacao (or Curaçao, the official spelling) is one of the ABC-islands (Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao) belonging to the Netherlands Antilles.

"Tourist Information"

The island has become quite a tourist attraction, ironically because it is one of the carribean islands with the least tourists.

The climate on Curaçao is tropical, with an average temperature just beneath 27°C (~80°F). The is accessible by boat, or by airplane. On the island itself, it is possible to rent cars (oh, and they drive on the right side of the road), although the bus system is all right.

The official language on Curaçao is Dutch, while the natives tend to speak Papiamento, a particular creole language. Most people will have at least a rudimentary knowledge of English and Spanish.

When it comes to money, the Netherlands Antilles Guilders (NAF) and US$ are accepted.

Curaçao is on AST (Atlantic Standard Time), or one hour later than US Standard Time

About the island

Curaçao has about 150,000 inhabitants divided by roughly 50 different nationalities - a multi cultural society, in other words.

The Curaçao island is part of the Netherlands Antilles, which is a part of The Netherlands. The local government is autonomous. Curaçaoans have a Dutch nationality.


Sources / more info:
Richard Simoons, my Curacaoan friend

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