In this children’s story by Margret and H.A. Rey Curious George the monkey learns the alphabet. The teaching method is similar to that used in some schools today. Pictures are drawn out of the letters to make the letters look like things that begin with that letter.
The Story:
Our story opens with George tearing apart the man in the yellow hat’s books. This is because he wants to find out what is inside of them. (If you are a monkey this makes perfect sense...I guess). The man in the yellow hat explains to George that you need to read the words to find out what is inside a book. The man desides to teach George the alphabet. After the first seven letters they take a break for lunch. While the man makes lunch, George is suppose to be reading words made from the letters which the man wrote on an easel pad. The man returns to find George dancing around like a monkey (the irony) with his head through the sheet of paper. The man does not seem too pleased that the only word George seems to have learned is bad. After lunch the man puts George down for a nap. After his nap George learns some new letters and writes some words for the man and makes up some of his own. The man explains random letters do not make words. After studying for a while longer they take a break to play football. George seems to be a natural. Then more study of R through T. The man then gives George a note to take to the baker which reads, “one dozen doughnuts”. George uses his new skill and changes the note to read “ten dozen doughnuts”. The man is upset when George returns with so many doughnuts! As punishment George can not have any. George then finishes his lesson about the alphabet and the man lets him have the doughnuts which George uses to spellThe End”.

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