Cursed Earth is a fictional universe and attendant series of stories, jointly developed by myself, and my brother. It's basically his idea, I'm just the main secondary contributor. I guess the best way to put it, is to say that he's the director and I'm the writer. It's still an ongoing project.

The stories are arranged into a few distinct arcs, each following a specific character or set of characters. Arcs occasionally converge or diverge. I'm only linking finished segments here. In my homenode I have some of the nodeshells that are on my to-fill list listed. Look there for a sneak preview of sorts.

New Readers: Each story is hardlinked to the previous and next in its arc, if they exist. Occasionally one of these links points to a nodeshell - if this happens, I'll probably be creating that story within a short while, real-life schedule permitting.

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