Apologies for the use of punctuation in the Node Title, but this is to separate it from the unrelated nodes: curse and curses, and also because it must be said that way - "curses!" packs more punch than the mere utterance of the word "curses".

This is a line made famous by most villains, but none more so than Mojo Jojo of "Powerpuff Girls" fame. The word is to be said in a deep voice, and slowly, such that it becomes more of a grumble than an expression.

I have been using this as an expression lately, especially when driving, with a 6 year-old in the back seat. As she relates to the cartoon, and knows the anger and frustration pent up inside this single word, she takes onboard much more than a stream of verbal sewage could ever portray.

It is also better for her to repeat this language in public than saying: "Holy shit, I've dropped my fucking candybar in the cock-sucking, mother-fuckin' dirt!"

Try this expression on for size. Next time you are cut off in traffic, catch your nads in your zipper, drop a $20 note down the toilet, or get fired for noding during working hours.


Remember: slowly and deep...saying the word that is

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