You live in the normal 1980's, and work as a doctor. Everything is fine until one day, you get in a man who is 6' 11" and looks like he could be the missing link. The needle, with a sedative in it, which one of your assistants tries to put into this man's arm, bends out of shape. The man's muscles are so tightly twined that it's difficult to get the needle in, but two dark arms reach out to stop the man from crushing you as you push in a new needle.

This was what happened on the day that Randall O'Brien found out that he wasn't normal anymore, and met his new friend in strangeness David Landers. Both Randy and David went to a clinic that specialized in teaching people with "strange abilities." There they met friends in their support group. However, the clinic wasn't all it seemed to be. The clinic spied on them, every move they made. When they tried to leave, armed guards attempted to stop this group of paranormals. What is a group of people, that can't live normal lives anymore going to do...

D.P.7, which stands for Displaced Paranormals 7, is one of the major comic series Marvel created in the New Universe world. The series was created by Mark Gruewald and Paul Ryan. New Universe's major idea, was that everyone and everything was normal, then suddenly changes begun to happen. People with extraordinary abilites began appearing, and the only link seemed to be with a strange phenonemon world-wide. It was dubbed the White Event, a flash of white light all across the world.

D.P.7 has mostly normal members of society, who tried to get help, but instead found themselves being used. The series lasted for thirty-two issues. The series in my own opinion is very good, and much better than most of the series being published by Marvel at the time.
    The Seven:
  • Dennis "Scuzz" Cuzinski - A young boy, with an acid seeping out through his pores, 24 hours a day. His clothes are completly disintegrated within three days. He gives off the impression that he's quite pleased with becoming paranormal.. but he slowly realizes that he can never touch a person with hurting them...
  • Lenore Fenzl - An old woman who was in a retirement home before she came to the Clinic. Her skin changed color, and begun to emit a strange light that causes fatigue. She resents the fact that she has to cover every inch of her body, even her face and hair with a mask and wig. Her ability tends to also be slightly vampiric, she feels younger with every use of her ability.
  • Jeffrey Walters - Originally a rather obese manager of a Burger King, his ability caused his metabolism to increase greatly. He know moves so quickly, that he can only be seen as a blur. However, his metabolism also requires great amounts of food.
  • Stephanie Harrington - A housewife and mother of two, she causes acceleration of the body's functions. This allows her to make people hyper or quicken the healing process. An unfortunate side-effect is that she has sparks of light surrounding her, revealing to the world that she isn't normal. Her husband sent her to the Clinic, saying that he wouldn't let her back, until she was normal again.
  • Charlotte Beck - A dance student, during a session everyone but her began slipping on the dance floor. She realized that she, the only one left standing, was somehow making them fall. Her ability allows her to control the friction of objects, to either pole.
  • David Landers - A behometh of a man, he grew 12 inches and 200 pounds of muscle, bone, and intermuscular tissue within weeks. Causing him quite some pain, he took pain killers in an attempt to kill himself, and that is how he landed in the care of Dr. O'Brien.
  • Randall O'Brien - Randy creates creatures which he has named antibodies, which come out of his body and have the ability to fly and communicate what they have seen and heard by touch to any person. However, the black beings seem to be incapable of speaking, but are also able to make themselves intangible.

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