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Damn Small Linux is a Knoppix-based LiveCD distribution made to fit on a 50-megabyte business-card sized CD. It has a variety of minimalist programs chosen to fit into as little space as possible, while providing maximum functionality. It uses the excellent Fluxbox window manager and Firefox as a browser (an exception to the minimalist rule).

It's extremely fast, even on older hardware (my Pentium II laptop blazes on it), and because it's so insanely small can be completely loaded into RAM on most modern machines. It is also possible to add more applications (different window manager, browsers, etc) to the LiveCD as required (in .dsl packages). As it's a debian-based distribution, apt-get can be enabled and more packages installed from the Debian repositories.

It can be used from: a memory stick, within Windows (using qemu), and in many other weird and wonderful ways.

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