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Title: Dangun Feveron
Genre: Shooter (Vertical)
Developer: Cave
Publisher: Nihon Systems
Date Published: 1999
Platform: Arcade
ESRB Rating: Unrated


Cave delievers another wildly manic shooter in Dangun Feveron. Possibly the only "Disco-Based" shooter in existence, Dangun Feveron deliever a variety of ship customization options, a unique scoring system, and an upbeat soundtrack true to its claim.

Game Mechanics


←, ↑, →, ↓
A Button
B Button


Instead of presenting you will a vast gallery of fighters varying in size, shape and color, DF allows you to take one, simple ship design and adjust its attributes to your liking. You're able to select your fighter's shot pattern and shape, your charged shot attack, and even your speed.

Fighter Select

Each fighter varies in shot color, shot angle, and ship structure. Though color is trivial, the other aspects play a role in influencing gameplay. Depending on your shot angle, your stream of fire could be focused and powerful or wide and dispersed. The greater the shot angle, the more area you cover, but this lessens the amount of firepower focused at a point.

Ship structure though ultimately unimportant to gameplay, could impose a minor influence in selection, depending on your evasion tactics. A long, slender ship can easily dart through the oncoming bullet storm, but it can find itself running into bullets as it strafes. Alternately, wider ships can be a pain when progressing forward, but won't get caught strafing into bullets as often.

     Ship Type |  Ship Shape   | Shot Color (1P) | Shot Color (2P) | Shot Angle
       Type A  |  Long & Thin  |      Red        |     Fuschia     |     0°
               |               |                 |                 |
       Type B  |   Wide Rear   |      Gold       |     Orange      |    30°
               |               |                 |                 |
       Type C  | Wide & Square |      Blue       |     Purple      |    90°

Powerful Shot Select

After ship select, you must choose your "Powerful Shot". This is what your charged shot. You can fire a charged shot an unlimited amount of times. Simply press and hold the A Button to activate.

Lock On Type
Fires a stream of spinning, bladed discs. Once it hits an enemy, it will stay on that enemy until destruction or deactivation
Bomb Type
Fires a slow moving, high-power missile. Only a maximum of 3 bombs can be on screen at one time
Roll Type
Creates a rotating wheel of blue shots around your ship. Acts as a shield against ships until A is released and the shots are fired

Speed Select

You can choose between 1 of 4 different speed settings. Selection depends on how tight you want the controls to be. If you feel you need maximum speed to outrun the bullets, be careful. You might end up running into a stray bullet elsewhere.

The Basics

Being a shooter, the game play of Dangun Feveron is pretty straight forward. Fly from the bottom of the level to the top shooting anything that comes in your path using the fire button. Hold down the fire button to charge up you weapon. Release it to fire the weapon selected at the beginning of the game.

If the action gets too hot, the bomb button is there to unleash an instant enemy eraser. The visual effects change based on the type of ship you've chosen. Type A fires a "laser maelstrom" encircled by two rings of dancing silhouettes. Type B fires a series of laser bolts and dancing silhouettes in front of the ship, following the ship as it moves for the course of the attack. Type C's bomb creates rows of, you guessed it, dancing silhouettes of death.

At the end of each stage, you face a different boss character with a life bar. Defeat of this ship completes the level, awards you bonus points, and advances you to the next stage. There are five stages in all, ending with the DeathStar/Unicron-esque final boss of stage 5.

The Points

At the beginning of each stage, enemies are worth 1 point. In order to increase their value, you must collect the spinning cyborgs that are released from most fighter. Each cyborg you collect adds one to your multiplier. This multiplier reflects the amount of points you receive for each kill, meaning if you have 50 cyborgs saved, you'll get 50 points for each fighter destroyed. This discludes bosses, though, which use a different scoring method.

Be careful, though. These cyborgs float to the bottom of the screen, turn orange, than float back to the top. It any one of them is allowed to escape the screen, your multiplier will reset back to 1. The multiplier also reset when you lose all your lives, and at the beginning of each level.


Each boss appears at the end with a life bar. As in most shoot-'em-ups of its kind, bosses consist of multiple sections. Blowing up some of this sections before finish off the boss results in more of the little cyborgs being released, which in turn increases your score. After defeating the boss, you're rewarded points based on how many cyborgs you've collected. The game takes your current multiplier times the total number of cyborgs collected in the level (or credit, depending on how many times you ate bullet.)

Why This Game?

Aside from its manic action and catchy soundtrack, Dangun Feveron offers an innovative point system and more control over the operations of your star fighter. If you're a twitch gamer or just up for a challenge, Dangun Feveron shouldn't be overlooked.

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