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Dash Rendar is a character in the Star Wars Universe who appeared in the Shadows of the Empire book and video game. In the video game, you play as Dash Rendar. In the book, he's just a peripheral character.

Dash started out as a thief and gambler, but soon went into smuggling. Dash is a great pilot, and has a very accurate shot.

Dash will gladly work as a gun-for-hire. He piloted a snowspeeder for the Rebels in the Battle of Hoth. Later, Princess Leia hired Dash to protect Luke Skywalker from Prince Xizor, who was trying to assassinate Luke.

Dash owns a ship called the Outrider. It is similar to the Millennium Falcon, but smaller in size.

According to the Shadows of the Empire novel, Dash was killed in battle. But according to the video game, Dash nearly escaped death, and decided that it would be better if everyone thought he was dead.

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