Terribly funny 1997 book by Dave Barry, chronicling the results of his Bad Song survey. He says it all started with a 1992 newspaper column which made fun of some Neil Diamond lyrics; the response mail he got, both pro-Diamond and against, made him conduct the survey. Two columns about the survey results led to more letters, and eventually he decided to create a book on the subject.

Warning: the book will get bad songs stuck in your head. (In the introduction, Dave suggests buying the book for someone you don't like to cripple them by forcing their brain to play the songs quoted.) However, most of the songs people voted for are from the 1960s or 1970s, so people too young to have been aware of popular music then are spared the worst of the memories, unless they've been exposed to oldies radio stations. Most other music than Top 40 is also spared, since the songs that got the most votes were the ones popular enough to be heard widely.

In addition to the chapter on the songs that actually got the most votes as worst, there are in-depth chapters on such sub-groups as:

  • Weenie Music
  • Love Songs
  • Songs Women Really Hate
  • Teen Death Songs
  • Songs People Get Wrong

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