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David Palmer is one of the two main characters on the television series 24. Played by Dennis Haysbert, Palmer is a powerful African-American politician in the Democrat political party. The series itself has the gimmick of each hour-long episode being shown in real-time and following directly from the last. Each season has 24 hours, which add up to a 24-hour day.

In the first series of 24, David Palmer is a senator and presidential candidate. Two groups are trying to assassinate David Palmer on the day of the Californian presidential primary, one hired by the other, and it is up to Jack Bauer of the Los Angeles Counter-Terrorist Unit to prevent them succeeding. On the same day, he learns his son was involved in a man's death seven years previously, and his wife was involved in the cover-up which threatens his political future.

In the second series of 24, Palmer is now President, and learns of a nuclear bomb threat to the United States. Palmer's political future is again under threat as he realises many of his advisors and people he trusts may be trying to remove him from office.

In the series Palmer is that rare animal, an honest politician. We see him trying to balance his family and work life in very difficult circumstances, and by and large he always makes the right choices. I'd vote for him.

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