David Pressault is a choreographer living in Montréal, Québec, Canada.

He studied dance at the Cégep St. Laurent, and having received a scholarship, went the The School of the Toronto Dance Theatre. From 1989 to 1994, he toured internationally with the Toronto Dance Theatre. In 1990, he had a bit piece in the film White Room, as a flamenco dancer. In 1994, he had a television role on The Planets as an attendant to the Roman gods.

In 1995, he created the solo pieces Mourned by the Wind and Iphigenia. In 1996, came another solo, Tantale (which won the Toronto Arts Protégé Award), followed by a show, 12th House. In 1997/1998, Pressault took his show Croix touring across Canada. In 1998, he received a grant to make Tantale into a film, and it won two awards. The same year, he danced in his own piece The Bleeding Piano.

In 1999, he established David Pressault Danse in Montréal, the dance company for which he is both choreographer and artistic director. That year, he also created the solo piece En Elle, Elle Tomba. In 2000, he presented the trio work Trois Grâces.

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