"Daytrip" is a brand of CBD-infused sparkling waters, or what might also be called a seltzer. It follows the trend that started with LaCroix Sparkling Water, which were a line of zero-calorie beverages with understated flavors, and then became the White Claw Seltzer, an alcoholic beverage with a similarly (and sometimes dangerously) neutral taste. And now, joining the trend, is this CBD-infused beverage. It tastes mildly of fruit and is mildly cannabis.

As mentioned previously, many marijuana connoisseurs will remind you that cannabis is a chemically complex plant (which is true), and that it is possible to remove the "high" effect while still having the relaxing and anti-inflammatory parts of cannabis, which may be less true. The cans, and the website, promise that you can have your cake and eat it too: have a "trip" without ever getting high. Despite this promise, it is hard to tell just how psychoactive this is. When I have drank them, I have felt relaxed and sleepy, but that may be the power of suggestion. It could also be possible that despite the promised ability to enjoy the relaxation with no impairment, that the beverages are also impairing. As with anything that involves chemistry, and the mind, be careful. But as is suggested, at least the taste is non-offensive.

The marketing is also interesting: the website shows groups of young, sexy and multi-ethnic people who are just alternative enough, enjoying their relaxing CBD beverage. And on the website, I found out that a 12 pack of these costs 60 dollars if you want it mailed to you, or $5 dollars a can. I have not and would not pay that much for these, with me first encountering them at the trusty Grocery Outlet at $2 a can, which seems reasonable. It still seems funny to me that marijuana, once something that involved dodgy purchases in vacant parking lots, is now marketed as a trendy product for the affluent to consume conspicuously. Whether this trend continues, and whether more products like this will be introduced, is an interesting question, but right now I'm kind of having trouble keeping track of what I am writing adn I am really waiting for my pizza to come out of the oven, you know?


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