DeForest Kelly (1920-1999) was the actor behind one of Star Trek's major characters, Doctor Leonard Horatio 'Bones' McCoy. Mr. Kelley also appeared in TV westerns including Bonanza and Rawhide.

Deliverer of the classic lines starting "Dammit Jim , I'm a doctor, not a ..."

Born January 20, 1920 in Atlanta, Georgia, died November 6, 1999 from a "Long term illness." His favorite Star Trek show in the series is "The City on the Edge of Forever."

Movies, excepting Star Trek:

Apache Uprising
Black Spurs
Marriage On The Rocks
Town Tamer
Gunfight at Comanche Creek
Where Love Has Gone
The Law and Jake Wade
The Gunfight at OK Corral
Raintree County
The Man in the Gray Flannel Suit
Tension at Table Rock
The View from Pompey's head
The Men
Duke of Chicago
Canon City
Fear in the Night
Variety Girl
Night of the Lepus
House of Bamboo
Time To Kill
Beyond Our Own

Television appearances, chronological order (Series:Episode format). Note the rather large amount of Westerns, where he often played The Bad Guy.

Lone Ranger: Legion of Old-Timers Lone Ranger: Legion of Old-Timers
Lone Ranger: Gold Train
Lone Ranger: Death in the Forest
You Are There: Surrender at Corrigedor
Science Fiction Theater: Y.O.R.D.
You Are There: Rescue of American Prisoners
The Millionaire: Millionaire Iris Miller
Matinee Theater: Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
You Are There: Gunfight at OK Corral
Gunsmoke: Indian Scout
Science Fiction Theater: Survival in Box Canyon
The Silent Service: The Gar Story
M-Squad: Diamond Head
Trackdown: End of an Outlaw
The Jailbreak
Rough Riders: The Night Binders
Rawhide: Incident at Barker Springs
Northwest Passage: Death Rides the Wind
Wanted Dead or Alive: Secret Ballot]
Trackdown: Hard Lines
The Lineup: The Chloroform Murder Case
Richard Diamond: The Fine Art of Murder
Wanted Dead or Alive: The Hostage
Black Saddle: Apache Trail Richard Diamond: The Adjuster
Two Faces West: Fallen Gun
333 Montgomery
Lawman: The Thimblerigger
Markham: Counterpoint
Lawman: The Squatters
Stagecoach West: Image of a Man
The Deputy: The Means and the End
Bat Masterson: No Amnesty for Death
Stagecoach West: The Big Gun
Pery Mason: The Unwelcomed Bride
Bonanza: Honor of Cochise
Death Valley Days: Breaking Point
Bonanza: The Decision
Laramie: Gun Duel
Have Gun Will Travel
Route 66: 1800 Days to Justice
Virginian: Duel at Shiloh
Laramie: The Unvanquished
The Gallant Men: A Taste of Peace
The Dakotas: Reformation at Big Nose Butte
77 Sunset Strip: 88 Bars
Virginian: Man of Violence
Littlest Hobo
Slattery's People
Fugitive: 3 Cheers For Little Boy Blue
Police Story
Star Trek (of course)
Ironside: Warriors Return
The Silent Force: The Judge
The Bold Ones: Giants Never Kneel
Room 222: Suitable For Framing
Suicide Theater
Death Valley Days
Star Trek: The Next Generation: Encounter at Farpoint

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