"He said, 'What is death?' And Father Bede Griffith all of a sudden became excited and bright-eyed and filled with joy and enthusiasm, and said, 'Death is a sacrament. I am completely looking forward to my death.' I was sitting right next to him on the bed and I was stunned. I never met anyone with such an enthusiasm for death, and such joy and love for death. 'I am completely looking forward to my death.' His attitude about death meant that he was living life to its fullest. His gift of no fear is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves or to others. When we give this gift then life is a sacrament, we meet life to its fullest. May all beings receive the gift of no fear."
--Subhana Barzaghi Sensei

"Free from death and free in death, one who solemnly says No when there is no longer time for Yes: thus he understands Life and Death.
That you death may not be a blasphemy against man and the earth, my friends: that is what I beg from the honey of your soul."
--Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

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