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Just popping in for a brief moment out of the dark eaves of site administration. Below is a poem written by my brother, Jeremy, which is about a sad and depressing year for entertainment; the worst I can recall, anyway. I've added links where appropriate. Please let me know if you enjoyed this, and I'll send your compliments (or derision, though I don't expect any - why would I?) to Jeremy. Anyway, enjoy!

'Twas the night before Christmas of the worst fucking year,
That killed Ali and Shandling and filled us with fear.
First it took Bowie, and we thought, "it was his time."
But shortly thereafter we lost Young Frankenstein.
And if that weren't enough to make us all grievers,
We lost John Glenn, R2D2 and then Mr. Seaver.
And by Grabthar's Hammer, what a sickening jape,
To take Dr. Lazarus, Hans Gruber, and Severus Snape.
And what surely has pained us every day since,
Is how fucked up it is that we also lost Prince.
And to top off this year's great, cosmic screw ya,
We were robbed of the singer who wrote "Hallelujah."
But lest we believe this year might spare ladies,
It took Raymond's mom and our own Mrs. Brady.
With a few days remaining I wish to be plain,
This year was a mashup of bullshit and pain.
That's right, you heard me, two thousand sixteen,
We're sick of your shit - quit being so mean!
Go tap your own ass with a yuge, rusty spigot,
You deserve it for empowering a tangerine bigot.
You may sit there and smirk like some douchy bro playah,
But you can fuck off right now and you can't have our Leia.

And yet, you're not done yet, with one week to go,
Wham! you deliver one more tragic blow!

Fuck you, 2016.

A postscript for Carrie in light of this year's
Brutal propensity to bring us to tears.
You acted, you laughed, you spoke and you wrote,
You inspired so many and gave a New Hope.
So as this year closes we bid you adieu,
And it goes without saying - may the force be with you.

© 2016 by my brother, Jeremy Anderson. This was originally posted to Facebook on December 24, 2016, and edited on December 27 to add the postscript about Carrie Fisher. Please no reproduction without attribution. If you want to share this somewhere public, I have to run it by him first. Sorry!

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