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So it's December, a few days after Christmas, and I'm in the kitchen cooking some sausages in my air fryer. I have a bottle of Mae Ploy in my hand, trying to decide if I will put some on my impending dinner when I hear a loud screeching noise. At first I thought it was my air fryer getting ready to turn into a schrapnel grenade until I finally recognize the noise.

It's my Weather Alert radio. I had forgotten about it because it had been silent for a long time.

The screechy tones subside and I discover it's not a looming blizzard in the forecast. Heavy rain, lots of lightning, strong damaging winds, and a tornado watch. I wandered back into my living room and looked it up on the NOAA website. Sure enough, there's a tornado warning in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the storms are directly in line with my location in Missouri. In fact, there are several red storm cells developing around me. It's been raining steadily all day.

Really? In December? Why doesn't Mother Nature take a break and just hang out for the holidays? I'll try and send a note if I end up in Oz, but for now, I have some sausages that need to get in my belly.

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