Deep Fried Breakfast Cereal

Ah, cereal. Your parents and K. K. Kellogg tell you over and over how healthy it is. Well, this is how a pack of bored, hungry students managed to tarnish it forever.

Inspired by the onion bhaji, a surplus of pancake batter, an open box of Frosties and enough peanut oil to float the Bonga, I am proud to present the Deep Fried Meep;

Due to the proximity of students, all measures are listed in original fractions-of-a-pint-mug form.

1/4 pint flour
2 shots maple syrup
three or four handfuls of Frosties, or other dense, tasty cereal
three inches deep of peanut oil, to fry

Heat the peanut oil to close to two hundred degrees centigrade - Test the temperature by dropping a small amount of batter in. If it floats, bubbles and goes brown, it's hot enough.

Slowly add the water drop-by-drop to the flour, until it reaches the consistency of thick plaster of paris, then add the maple syrup until the mixture is easy to stir again. Saturate this mixture with Frosties, until the mixture will happily cling in lumps about the size of a squash ball on the tines of a fork.

Without manhandling the Meep too much, lower it into the hot oil. Once it has crisped up nicely (About thirty seconds) it's ready to eat.

Serve with ice cream, maple syrup and icing sugar to taste.

makes six

With respect to the choice of cereals, we picked Frosties because it was the closest to hand at the time. Research has shown that lighter, airier cereals such as Rice Krispies tend to crumble under the pressure (and burst loudly and with much spattering of fat), whereas Weetos, any sort of Cornflake, Bran or Oats do admirably. Fruit, as long as it's well chopped up and thoroughly mixed with the batter, is a nice addition, as is chocolate.

Other flavours currently in development include Apple and Cinnamon, Strawberry and White Chocolate, Honey and Almond and Golden Syrup.

Oat and Apple Meeps are a favourite with the health-conscious until they realise that they're still deep fried and drip with delicious lipids.

Happy Frying, and feel free to /msg me with any novel flavours!

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