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I've been trying to study when the universe began. It's been an impossible task, with the debates between the religious ones and the scientists. So, when did the universe start, you ask? Well, it started an instant ago.

I'm not telling any lies, everything I say is true. The universe, the galaxy, the entire world came into being an instant ago. Still don't believe me? Then go back in time. Believe me, I tried. You can't go back in time because there is no time to go back on. There is no such thing as time. The only thing that exists is the present.

Yes, that is a selfish philosophy, but it's true for this universe. Nothing exists in the past, nothing exists in the future yet. Only the present exists. If you go anywhere with a time machine, you don't go anywhere, because there is no dimension in time. Sure, some good-quality ones can deposit you somewhere, but that universe exists for only you and the people who were originally there. If you change anything in the past, nothing happens to the future, because that past was a present, and your future is a present as well. A bit convoluted? Let me explain.

The concept of time is a false one. What we live in is like a movie; the frames go flashing by. We don't travel through time, but instead, the person in the frame acts at their instant. Nothing travels between frames; everything stays within it's frame. Now, when you time travel, you go back to your film strip and change it. But the window of "time" has already passed that point, so it doesn't affect anything. When you travel through time, you are acting as another light, projecting the image of what had already passed. But no matter what you do, you can't change the past.

But you can change the future. You can modify the frames in the future, and when the window of "now" passes by it, it will work upon the revised future, which would be the real "now". But as soon as you go back to "now", you the moment you left all the frames after it would not be affected by what you did. Time is static. You can try to change it, but in the end, you do nothing.

And then I wonder whether or not where I'm living is the "now". "Now" varies from person to person, everyone thinks that their "now" is the real "now". And, does it really matter? As long as they stay in their "now", it will be "now" to them. But as soon as you  leave your "now", your whole concept of "now" changes. Actually, "now" isn't a point. It's a point for each person.

Everyone knows that they are here at a certain given time. So that is there "now". But when people travel through time, their new destination is their "now", and their old "now" is no longer their "now". So, if everyone stepped into different time machines, there would be no "now" right now.

So there is now past or future. You don't even exist. We are the drawings on the filmstrip; we exist at one moment, and none more. Sure, there could be someone in the next frame that represents us, but they aren't us. You can't modify the past, so you can't change the present. But you can change the future. But do you really need a time machine to change the future? You can work in the present to change the future.

Only the present exists. You can't go to the past, so that is not real. You can modify the future, but it's modifications is directly related to the present, so it is not real either. If the past and future are not real, then time is not real. Time is an illusion.

Then again, what is real? Is the world we live in real, or is it just a deception? Is it us, or is it just me? Or is it me, or is it just you? What is real?

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