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Delft University of Technology was founded in 1842 by King William II as a Royal Academy for the education of civil engineers as well as tradesmen. In 1864 the academy was closed and in its place was founded the Polytechnische Hogeschool (polytechnic academy). This new school took over the tasks of the Royal Academy, except for the education of civil servants for the East Indian service. In 1905 the Polytechnische Hogeschool was elevated to the status of university by Queen Wilhelmina. In 1985 the name was changed to Techische Universiteit Delft (= Delft University of Technology).

Nowadays the university includes 7 faculties: Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geostudies (comprising Civil Engineering, Applied Earth Sciences and Geodetical Engineering), Information Technology and Systems,Aerospace Engineering, Design, Construction and Production, Applied Sciences (Chemistry, Physics and Materials Science) and Technology, Policy and Management.
The Faculty of Architecture especially, but the university in general as well, attracts many students and scientists from abroad.

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