A not so popular board game put out by Parker Brothers in 1974. What Public Relations manager Jerry Stupfield described as, "...a Game just like Candyland", Demonomania was pulled from shelves in under 3 months. Due to child hazards such as real black candles, matches and a sacrificial altar which Time magazine deemed, "...wobbly and unsafe for children to play on..." the game was popular yet unsavory and eventually when it drew far too much fire, Parker Brothers pulled the plug.
"We still have our set", declared Jeff, "There's simply nothing like sacrificing your children after a long day at the office".

Amen jeff, amen.

De*mon`o*ma"ni*a (?), n. [Demon + mania.]

A form of madness in which the patient conceives himself possessed of devils.


© Webster 1913.

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