In Manchester, England, a 16 year old boy obsessed with smelling nice died after months of repeatedly spraying his entire body with deodorant.

Johnathan Capewell had 10 times the lethal dosage of propane and butane in his blood when he suffered a heart attack and died July 29, 1998.

It is believed the fumes built up in his body following months of excessively "high" deodorant use.

Johnathan's father, Keith Capewell, said his son would cover his body with deodorant at least twice a day. "When we told him he was using too much, he said he just wanted to smell good," Capewell said. "Even when we were in a room downstairs we couldn't just smell it, we could taste it," the father said. "You wouldn't have thought that could have been the cause for someone to die. What a price to pay for smelling nice."

You just get up in the morning and spray it on, but who expects it to kill you? Perhaps there should be warning labels:

Surgeon General's Warning: Excessive use may result in DEATH.

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