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DesktopX is a program for Windows that lets you customize your desktop interface by handling true objects on the desktop. One example of a desktop object is an animated, alpha-blended shortcut. You can also create your own taskbar and system tray replacements, customizing their look and feel, or download them.

One of the greatest things about DesktopX is its modularity. You can download pre-made themes, but you can also just download objects, for example, a WinAmp player, or a spinning Transformers logo, with one side Decepticon, and the other Autobot.

While it does some of the things that Litestep does, I think (I'm new to both), it's much easier to use because there's no pseudo-programming involved, it's all Window based.

DesktopX 1.0, which is shareware, was just recently released (7/16/01), and is available at CNet's download.com.


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