dessert logic -
The warped and twisted logic you use to legitimize the consumption of a sugary post-meal confection.

There are several basic arguments in dessert logic, a few of these are:

  • "I only had .... today" - where ... is either a relatively short list of foods, or a prevaricatively short list of foods.
  • "Well, I had a salad for dinner..." - where "salad" is a greasy chicken caesar salad with cheese and grease on the side.
  • "I haven't had .... in a while" - where a while is more than a day
  • "Well this doesn't look TOO bad for me..." - while referring to the apple cheesecake instead of the triple-chocolate cake of death and heart failure.
  • The list goes on and on. If it wasn't for dessert logic, I'm sure most of us would talk ourselves out of it every time.
    Mm... I only had some chinese food today... maybe I'll have a nice slice of carrot cake after dinner... carrots are good for me, right?

    ... "I deserve it, I've had a hard day at work" - your boss looked at you funny.

    ... "I deserve it, I've had excersise today" - yes, you walked the two floors up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Once.

    ... "It's ok, I hardly had anything to eat all day" - ah-ha, like only a bag of chips and a doughnut.

    ... "I only had half of my starter" - sure, you left all the salad.

    ... "I'll make up for it tomorrow" - yeah, right.

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