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Diarmuid, also known as "Dermot" of the Love Spot, was the Celtic Mythology Adonis. Follower of Finn (Fyon) mac Cumhail, there are a couple variations as to how Diarmuid received his Love Spot.

Him and 3 friends(Goll, Oisin, and Diorrang?) went hunting and at the night found refuge in a nearby hut. Inside the hut were an old man, a young lady, a sheep and a cat.

At dinner, the sheep stood upon the table and would not be budged. All the Fionna (followers of Finn) tried to remove the sheep but only Goll finally succeeded, yet the sheep kocked all the Fionna to their backs. The 4 friends were so disheartened the felt to leave, but the old man insisted they stay since the sheep was a metaphor for the World and the men had not failed.

Well, during the night just before they went to sleep the young lady came into their rooms. The first 3 Fionna approached her one at a time and she in turn denied each saying, I belonged to you once, and I never will again. As Diarmuid approached, she spoke those same words. However, she went to his forehead and touched her finger to it and remarked, I will place this mark upon you so that no woman will ever see you without loving you.

And from that moment forward, Diarmuid drew the love of every woman he saw.

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