To render someone as dissocial meaning you, or they are thereby rendering yourselves as unsocial. So by doing so, you or they are no longer part of the society. In general, you or they are now the dissedence and without a society to be in. You or they are basically left as outcast and automatically become different.

The whole idea of society is based on the active participation of a group or party. Individuals commingling together to make-up a social community. This is society, not (a) member deciding for another, but everyone having an option. Those who do not have free choice, might be considered to be anti-social. Even if a person(s) get voted to be; the most becoming of their society, still in question, because it's not up to them. It is merely in the hands of the chosen to declare; if indeed, a member(s) will stay part of it's own so-called society.

So isn't society really up to the be part?

Dis*so"cial*ize (?), v. t.

To render unsocial.


© Webster 1913.

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