This is one of Israel's best kept secrets (or rather, was).

One of the best restaurants in the Tel Aviv Area is the Dixie Grill Bar, and one of the main reasons (aside from the fact that they were one of the first places in Israel to be open 24 hours) is this dish.

Those wings just melt when you bite into them, all dripping of the heavenly, sweet-spicy sauce. The sauce is very easy to make, and when I got it I was surprised at how I couldn't guess the ingredients before.


  • Chicken Wings
  • Honey
  • Smooth Thai Sriracha chilli sauce - This is the catch ! Any other smooth chilli sauce just won't do, you'll come close, but...
  • Butter


Rinse and dry the wings using paper towels, then chuck them into the sizzling butter, and fry till golden brown. Meanwhile, mix the chilli sauce with the honey (about half and half, variate if you like your wings spicier or sweeter). Add water till you get a milky consistency. Pour the honey/chilli mix over the wings, lower the heat, and let the wings absorb the sauce for fifteen minutes (take care to not caramelize the wings, by stirring from time to time). When the water has evaporated, and the sauce is thick enough for you, you're ready.

As Homer would say: Sacrilicious!

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