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also transliterated (from Russian/Ukranian) Dnipro, Dnieper and Dnyapro

One of the longest rivers in Europe. It flows through an important economic region. The Dnepr rises in the Valdai Hills, near the city of Smolensk in Russia. It flows south for 1,420 miles (2,285 kilometers) through Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. It empties into the Black Sea.

Kiev, Ukraine's capital, lies on the river. (There is a park called Gidropark on it). The northern part of the Dnepr flows through a forested area, and the southern part through farmland and an industrialized region. The Dnepr drains an area of about 195,000 square miles (504,000 square kilometers).

The construction of dams and reservoirs has deepened the Dnepr and removed obstacles caused by rapids. As a result, the river is navigable for its entire course. One of the largest dams is the Dneproges Dam.

The Dnepr is an important route for the transportation of cargo, including coal and grain from Ukraine and timber from the north. Important tributaries include the Berezina, Desna, Ingulets, Pripyat, and Psel (also spelled Psol) rivers. Canals connect the Dnepr with several rivers that empty into the Baltic Sea, which lies to the northwest.

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