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Dodo is a character from the television series Doctor Who, played by Jackie Lane (refer to Jackie Lane (II) on the IMDB - there's not much there though).

Dodo (short for Dorothea) was the latest in a line of teenage girl characters, and was written in to the end of the story The Massacre. There are many reasons why she was added, and most of them are not good. The female character was originally going to be a girl who was going to be killed in the Hugenot massacre in 1572 Paris, and the reason given for not using that character was that "removing her from her time would interfere with history." I think this is a lie - the script editor and producer had already vetoed one regular character from the past because they were going for audience identification and easy writing. Of course when the Doctor decided to leave Anne Chaplet behind in Paris he comes across as being a real bastard (which is what makes him a great character), so when the TARDIS happens to land in the present day Dodo runs in and turns out to be a descendant, totally ruining the friction between the Doctor and Steven that had resulted from the Doctors callous decision and giving a simple happy ending to a serious story.

Dodo is one of the most poorly developed characters, mainly because she had little screen time. Another dissapointing thing is that she was originally supposed to have a Cockney accent, but the BBC higher ups saw her small segment at the end of The Massacre and told the production team people had to use proper "BBC English" and so her accent varies in the first few episodes. Points in the characters favour are the fact that Jackie Lane was 18 when playing her, and closer to the characters age than the last two actresses playing teenagers, and she does manage the "bubbly teenage girl" archetype well. Dodo got probably the worst leaving scene ever, when after being hypnotised by a computer and having the hypnosis broken she was packed off to the country by the Doctor to live with relatives - in the middle of a story! Reasoning for this runs that the Doctor wants to keep her safe, and also he has in the past dropped other girls he's taken under his wing off in rather unusual places, so he is probably taking advantage of the opportunity to get it right for once. But it still sucks.

Dodo is also hated by fans. There is, if you look hard enough, an ongoing series of stories fans write which involve her getting killed off in increasingly bizarre ways, often after some soul searching about how nobody loves her or getting romantically involved with someone who turns out to be an alien sent to rip her head off. It's hilarious.

Though only in a few television stories Dodo features in the following novels: The Man in the Velvet Mask by Daniel O'Mahoney, Salvation by Steve Lyons, and Bunker Soldiers by Martin Day. Salvation features an expansion of the reasons for Dodo running into the TARDIS at the start of The Massacre, and probably best showcases the character (but conflicts with the given reasons in the television story).

Dodo also has the distinction of being one of the few regular characters in the series to not meet any recurring monsters. She does manage to infect the last humans with the common cold, play parlour games under the direction of an awesomely powerful being, get caught up in events at Tombstone - managing to hold Doc Holliday at gunpoint with his own gun - and help stop the exploitaion of a primitive tribe in the far future, and then gets her mind controlled by a mad computer and packed off to the country. Oh well, at least she made it home to her own time, not many other members of the TARDIS crew managed to....

Well, if it isn't allowed, Dodo would be the first in the queue. - Steven, The Savages

Interestingly, Jackie Lane was offered the part of Susan Foreman but turned it down. After Doctor Who she didn't work in acting much - roles were hard to come by for her - but she became an agent for voice acting, and apparently has some of the former Doctor Who actors as clients.

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