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Every good lover knows that a massage can go a long ways, but... don't forget the toes!!! A foot rub is one thing, but if you want to her/him to know you really care, you've got to take the time to service each cute little toe. One at a time. Don't rush, spend a while.

Grasp the foot with your off hand, to steady it. Now, slide the fingers of your other hand around a cute little piggy. Starting at the base, hold the toe with your thumb and first two fingers. Gently rotate the thumb and fingers in opposite directions. Be careful not to pull the skin. If her skin is dry, it will also be tight, so make sure you are using some good lotion. Slowly work your way up until you reach the top. Now, reverse. When you get to the base, continue on, and massage the muscles that connect this toe to the rest of her wonders. Repeat for each toe. Don't get lazy and rush on number 10, it's not like your fingers are bleeding! You may want to pause briefly before switching to the other foot, to sprinkle her face with soft kisses.

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