Doug Cushman was born in Springfield, Ohio. As a boy, he read a lot, especially mysteries. He loved all kinds of comic strips and comic books; his favorite was Walt Kelly's Pogo.

His first job as an author/illustrator was in junior high, when he made and sold comic books to his classmates for a nickel apiece. His characters were his teachers, wildly caricatured and shown battling super villains. In hish school, the vice principal almost threw Doug out of school for a particularly satiric caricature of him, published in the school newspaper. This was Doug's first lesson on censorship, and also made him realize maybe he'd found something he was really good at, and could make into a career. So he did.

Doug went on to study at the Paier School of Art, in Connecticut. One of his teachers there was Leonard Everett Fisher, author and/or illustrator of over 200 books, as well as a Pulitzer winner.

Somewhere along the line, Doug decided his talents were best used in children's books. So far, he has illustrated over 80 books, fourteen of which he has written. Eight of those 14 are mysteries, a genre he continues to enjoy.

Doug lives in Redding, California, with a dog and 1 1/2 cats. He enjoys cooking, hiking, and kayaking. No word on whether he's any relation to Karen Cushman.


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