Douglas E. Richards is an American writer, born May 7, 1962 and raised in Cincinatti, OH. He holds a B.S. in microbiology from Ohio State University, a Master's in molecular biology from University of Wisconsin and an MBA from University of Chicago.

This author builds heavily, in his writing, on advanced technology which already exists. At times it may be difficult to distinguish between what is science fiction and what just sounds like science fiction. In many of his novels, he includes a section at the end which explains what is real and what isn't. I've found myself looking forward to these bonus chapters and, more than once, I've been surprised to learn that a technology in the story which I believed to be fantasy was actually real. Go figure!

If you would like to sample this author's work, this reviewer recommends starting with the near future science fiction thriller, "Split Second". It presents a very unique approach to time travel and is the 27'th best selling novel of 2017 on Amazon Kindle. If you like that one, "Time Frame" is a worthy sequel. This reviewer has read all of the "Near Future Books" below and grabs each new one eagerly as soon as it is published.

A listing of Douglas E. Richards' novels, with publication dates, is included below for convenience. I will try to add new ones as they are published. All are available, at time of this submission, in hardcover, paperback and Kindle format from Amazon.

The Cure (2013)
Out of This World (2012)
Ethan Pritcher, Body Switcher (2012)
The Devil's Sword (2010)
Wired (2012)
Amped (2012)

Near Future Books

Quantum Lens (2014)
Game Changer (2016)
Infinity Born (2017)
Seeker (2018)
Veracity (2019)
Oracle (2019)
The Enigma Cube (2020)

Split Second Books

Split Second (2015)
Time Frame (2018)

Nick Hall Books

Mind's Eye (2014)
BrainWeb (2015)
MindWar (2016)

Prometheus Project Books

Trapped (2004)
Captured (2007)
Stranded (2010)

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