A whole swarm of dreams last night, this is unusual, as I rarely dream at all.

I am standing in a street in town, looking into the window of a television shop. Behind me stand two people I encountered on the train home from the theatre on thursday night. The balsey middle aged American Buisiness woman in the middle of her third marriage, and her bespectacled friend, the bald man.

The two of them begin to weep. I do not know if they are crying at what is being shown on the television, or at the fact that I am blocking their view. I suspect it is the latter, due to my not inconsiderable bulk, which is always exagerated in dreams.

Now I wake up, mumble something and return to sleep, where I am filming a documentary about Maverick film director and Hobbit impersonator, Peter Jackson.
We are flying above a rocky valley in a hellicopter, the valley is the location for a scene that Jackson is filming. A vast horde of people in brightly coloured robes are marching along the valley floor, chanting. Jackson is appearing in this scene himself, although he looks more like Anthony Hopkins.

When the marchers reach the end of the valley they meet a cliff, but there is a gap of several feet between the floor of the valley and the cliff. Through the gap can be seen another cliff, dropping down to a grassy ledge and a boat. The Marchers must flip themselves off of this cliff and drop about thirty feet onto the ledge before boarding the boat. Jackson does this first, just to prove that it is possible.

Now, I hear a voice from behind me ask "Would you jump off a cliff for Peter Jackson?" and a second voice, easily identifiable as that of my friend Matt, saying "Yes, yes I would Jump off a cliff for Peter Jackson."

Now the owner of the first voice is revealed as my friend Siobhan, she is now sitting next to me, and we are in the sixth form social room, where lazy students like us go to avoid working and drink coffee. Matt, thank god, is nowhere in sight. Glancing to my right I see tha Sio's breasts have grown eight times larger over night. Just to be sure, I glance across the room at her double, who stands and looks at me. She has undergone the same Metamorphosis.

I awake once more, and go to get something to drink before drifting back to sleep. Sio and I are on a train now, Robbie is somewhere on the train also. Strange, these two people hardly know each other when I am awake, but in my dreams they are good friends. Sio is sitting next to me, and a strange woman is sitting opposite me. For some reason she believes me to be mentally handicapped. We begin to play arond with this, then for some reason I begin hitting on her. This behaviour is very uncharacteristic from me. Robbie then comes in and ruins the joke. I never liked him.

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