Oddly enough, it took staying out way past my bedtime to have my first noder dream. We went to see The Two Towers at midnight local time last night and during the few hours of sleep that I caught before going to work, I had the following dream.

I am in my car riding with my wife and someone else (possibly my brother-in-law) and we are going to pick up my nephew. For some reason, he is currently at a small set of apartments, where Renee and I first lived. They are a bit ramshackled (as are many first apartments) and I can remembering thinking it odd that my nephew and his mom are living there.

We arrive to find that the place has been remodeled with the parking lot in a completely different place and the doors on the opposite side of the building. As I approach the building, I walk past one of the apartments to find the biggest noder meet in history presently underway.

The noders were all studiously working on a stack of papers, sitting on the floor, chairs, couchs and perched on the furniture. As I stick my head in the door, Jet-Poop approaches me with a clipboard, asking me to begin filling out the paperwork, before the meet can start. There are practically thirty forms to be filled out and I have that dream knowledge that I am late and need to hurry up so as not to keep the rest of the noders waiting.

After filling out the paperwork (hurriedly, I might add), I am approached by two noders who begin to ask me why I came to the meet. I told them about my wife and brother-in-law being busy with something, so I decided to stop by. At that point, Jet-Poop who had grown about a foot since the first time I had seen him, began to call out the names of all of the noders who were present and I began to crane my neck to see what they looked like. About at this point the dream was interrupted by the alarm.

Having never attended a meet and never met in person another noder, I found it a bit odd that no one looked as I imagined them, even in my dreams. Even odder, I had never expected there to be so much paperwork before a noder gathering. I expected that apart from the occasional emergency room form or arrest report, that noder gatherings were pretty much paperwork free.

Guess I was wrong.

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