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On waking up this morning, It occured to me that something particularly strange had happened to me.

In my dream, I was playing myself. I was waiting by the side of a road for something, it was a ride... I waited, and my time came to get on. I climbed aboard, alone. Sitting in a large yellow sphere, with those plastic moulded seats that you can't actually sit in properly. Then, the ride began ... an umbrella was the main power source of the ride. It was attached to a pole leading off the top of the sphere. The umbrella soared up into the air, dragging me up with it and tossing me and the ball around. Not in a turbulent way, but like the feeling you get on a large drop on a rollercoaster. making you feel weightless, yet heavy. Leaving you with a smile that is pushed back into your face from the g-force of the ride. It did a few loops and then climaxed to the top of the ride, where I could see everyone waiting to get on, cheering and pointing their fingers toward me. I jumped out of the ball and grasped onto a zipline, attached from the floor to a balloon. I zipped down the line and landed in a river, next to the original road. Everyone was cheering and celebrating.

I woke up here, and did a few things. Checked the time, typed a message to my girlfriend on my phone.

I went back to sleep soon after, and started a different dream. This dream started off in a different way, I was with my mum and brother. I fail to remember the main part of the beginning, but it ended up with me by the same road. I looked at my mum and brother, then got them to follow me to the ride. Due to my previous successful time on it, they let me jump the queue. The three of us clambered into the same yellow ball, then shot off at the same previous tangent as had occured in my first dream. It dipped and dived the same, rolled and flopped the same. My mother was attempting to shout something to me about how she didn't want to be on the ride, and how there should have been safety belts. Ok, she was right there on the last bit, however in the dream I said 'Don't be silly, just hold on'.
Eventually the ride came to the same climax. The same people were cheering and pointing up at us, I jumped and grabbed on to the zip line. There were two others for my brother and mum, yet they didn't jump. I looked down and saw the ground rapidly moving towards me, I *had* grasped onto the handles, what was going wrong? The balloon was moving down with me, The wind rushed through my hair and I thudded to the ground. The people stopped cheering and pointing, and put their hands to their mouths.

I awoke

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