I´m walking down a street in some Eastern European city. It´s trashy, poor and nightime. There is garbage, prostitutes and junkies everywhere. I´m with 3 "friends" though I don´t recognize them. Only that they are with me and are my friends.

The scene changes and we are all in a trashed apartment/flat( it could be a squat). We seem to be very drunk and having a good time. I´m in the main room playing darts with one of the friends. There are what look like old-school fire extinguisher cans laying around the room - on the floor, on the table. One gets knocked over or hit with a dart and spills some of its contents - gasoline or some other flamable liquid.

My friend with me lays her arm on the table getting it wet with gasoline. This suprzes me, but more so when she lights a lighter.

Her arm bursts into flames. In an instant flames are leaping everywhere, on the floor, climbing the walls. She screams and I rush to put her arm out. As she passes out she says, "I was only joking."

I begin to scream, "Get out! Get out!" I don´t know what´s happened to my friends in the kitchen. My friend´s arm in that moment reignites like one of those prank birthday candles that won´t stay put out. I´m trying to drag her limp form out of the flat knowing that soon all of those cans of flamable liquid will explode. I´m hysterical.

I wake up sweating. It´s 4 something in the morning. I get up and write the dream down, all the while feeling slightly like I´m still dreaming. Then I realize the piolit light has gone out on the hot water heater and I have to relight it. I light a match, but fail to light it. I´m too scared to try again.

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