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This was one of those dreams that are so vivid you feel you must write down just to preserve the details.


It was late morning. As with most of my dreams it took place at school. It was overcast in a melancholious way, I was sitting in the windowless classroom of my maths class. On the desk in front of me was a laptop and I was on Wikipedia. I was on the page on the Dwarf planet Ceres located in the Asteroid Belt. I recall it was titled 'Ceres 1'. Written in the information box on the right of the screen I noticed it read 'Distance from Earth' and the number was changing.


It was dropping, plummeting, quickly.

At first I didn't realise what it meant but after a few seconds it dawned on me. Sheer panic rushed from my head to my toes in an instantaneous electric rush. I remember being too numb with panic to alert my classmates to the impeding collision. I was transfixed by the number and it quickly reached zero. As it did a map of the United States appeared before my eyes, a red square surrounded the area of Northern Florida. The map dissolved in an instant and the ground began to shake slightly, a lot less than one would expect. Nervous glances were exchanged between classmates and I just sat there dumbstruck. Paralysed with fear.

The Earth groaned and rumbling ensued, it was the sort of rumbling that penetrated to the bone. It grew in intensity until the entire building was shaking, dazzlingly bright crimson light enveloped the room and I dropped from my chair to the carpeted floor. Time failed as I was halfway between chairseat and floor. It was as if the Earth itself attempted to delay its own inevitable fate. The air suddenly exploded into blistering fury and breathing felt impossible. It felt like I was being strangled by a white hot chain as molten metal was poured forcefully down my throat. The papers clutched in my hands felt near to spontaneously combusting. Something slammed into the side of the building with pure intent and the building lifted off its foundations. Boiling ash ripped through the ceiling and flowed unrestrained into the room as a single entity and everything suddenly fell into oblivion.

This is where reality goes slightly haywire...

"We must leave, it isn't safe."

An incorporeal voice breathed in my ear. I was laying on the ground two rooms away from where I was sat previously. My face stung with severe burns a feature not unique to just myself, students and teachers with blistered red faces were flooding into a small metallic clad hatch in the wall. I sat up and clambered through the hatch and somehow ended up inside an I.T classroom and everyone was surprisingly oblivious to what had just happened and for some reason there were people climbing through a window, it was a stuggle to fit through the bars and after I was through the window a mountainous landscape met my eyes. It was sunny and pleasantly warm. And there were dinosaurs. There was a group of perhaps five of us huddled to the side of a set of stone steps. On the steps was a small velociraptor-like dinosaur which hadn't noticed our arrival. One of the members of the group whispered something about walking carefully not to alert the dinosaur when its eyes suddenly locked with mine.


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