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dream #1 - Single liner ascii art wolf as an IRC nick

(`¨» I worked out a way to draw a wolf as an IRC nick name. I swear this is what it consisted of. Of course in the dream it looked like a real silloute of a wolf. Looks more like a frigging hamster to me to be honest.

dream #2 - Eminem was my house guest!

I had moved to the countryside and I was ordering plots of land via my cellular phone. I should really clarify that despite this being the "countryside" it was not your typical fields and trees; instead it consisted of what appeared to be tree roots. It so foggy that day that visibility was limited to just 2 meters. I found the fog to be very unnerving as it seemed to have a life of it's own.

With my fear aside I was very pleased with my first plot of land that I ordered two more plots in very close proximity. These plots of land were about 2.5 meters in diameter and as you reserved them they became illuminated like an indiglo night light. Whilst negotiating the terms of the contract with the estate agency (realtors) on my cellular phone I became disconnected. I started to get scared because the fog seem to get thicker and coming towards me.

I left this part of the dream and was now a spectre-like being. I watched two people huddled together over a computer in a cottage which I knew was the estate agency. The woman was the agent and the man was a technician sent to work out why the computer had disconnected our call. I think the technician fixed it and as he left the cottage, the agent's partner enquired what was wrong. The woman explained that the modem had failed.

Again I was transport from this part of the dream to my newly built mansion. The cook had prepared a huge pot of giant pasta quils with ham. Marshall Mathers appeared to be my guest and was getting himself ready for supper. Then it dawned on me that he may actually be going clubbing instead, I figured now would be a good time to talk to him. My reasoning behind this was that perhaps he might invite me to go along.

As I nervously tried to help myself to the food I asked if he was going out after all. He said "yes" and then remarked that I probably knew all the best clubs around here since I was a resident. I let out a fake laugh and continued to spill more pasta. I told him that if we were in London I could tell him the best spots to go to. I felt embarassed because he noticed I was making a right pig's ear of trying to put the food on my plate.

As I tried to shovel the food that I had spilt back into the pot and made an attempt to apologise for missing his London concert. He gave me a look that could be best described as "Why would I care?" I explained that I left my cellular phone on vibrate so I missed my friend's call to meet with him on the night of the concert.

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