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  • Brea was agonizing over her Hawaii report. Said she had to talk in front of the class for five whole minutes. Mostly her report was about pears, but she couldn't find pears so she bought apples. She said she needed a peck. I told her she would have to cook them, and she was stunned at the amount of work that meant.

  • Walking past Tom Hanks' coffeshop. He jumped out at me and offered me a fluttery handful of money to come work for him instead of her. I don't know how he knew. He wanted me to spy on her place, the Star Bar, because he was in love with her. She wasn't really Meg Ryan but I supplied her face out of habit.

  • I knocked on the back door of the tent, then ran around to the front. She knew better. She came flying out the front door to tackle me, bathrobe flying, legs flashing. It was still Meg Ryan. I should have known better than to fall in love with a woman who could see through my tricks, laughing on the ground.

  • walking the endless sidewalk. I tried not to step on the albums spread out in front of the record store, and fell. My new shoes were scuffed already, I noticed. Everything was so heavy - me, the air, everything. It was so hard to stand up.

    When I got moving again I was glad I had stood up because now I got to walk behind that beautiful dark woman. She carried her children weightlessly - a baby and an 8-year-old, both radiant girls, smiling at me over their mom's shoulder. They smiled and spoke to everyone they passed.

  • flying out to California to see relatives we don't like

  • I kept expecting to get in trouble for disrupting the kids when they were supposed to be quiet. That kind man in charge kept slipping me notes. One about how much his sons liked hearing Taps played.

  • James and I would sleep together, I knew, and I was relaxed about it. I was in love with everyone, he could be the representation of that, for now.

  • that cool lobby again, everything in green, the light was dark and cool

  • stealing from a vending machine

  • the circus had come and my mother and I sat down in the middle of it to watch them set up. Elephants everywhere, too many to count. One with a third tusk, like a unicorn, gleaming, deadly, gorgeous. Someone fed the ostrich too close to us - it was huge. I cursed myself for not having brought my camera. I decided to come back later with cookies for everyone.
  • Bill Gates came to my university, to give a lecture and a demonstration. His presentation was so full of smug smarm and dishonesty that I ended up joining with the protesters in the audience, shouting, on occasion, anti-Microsoft slogans, and a recurring chant of something like "Give us back our future!" After the main festivities, we cornered Gates in a small classroom; more taunts ensued, and I eventually hit him over the head with a chair.

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