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I have to go soon, but I just remembered I had a dream about E2 last night.

E2 was shutting down.
...due to lack of fees or something. The reason behind the slowness lately. When you'd type in everything2.com in your browser, you would get to a page with 3 pictures tiled horizontally. It was 3 pictures of 3 men making puppy faces, sad faces. The first one was nate (I'm surprised that I even remember his face seeing as I've never met him), the second a bit blurry, but the memory holds, was dem_bones and the third one I've no idea, but he was one ugly mathafacka. That's all I remember from the first dream.

The second dream was somekind of recursive dream from the Dragon Reborn when Egwene goes to the Dream world and meets Perrin with Hopper.

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