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There's some sort of emergency. I try to get out of the city despite a good chance that the highways leading out will be closed.

I am driving down a vertically steep road with olive trees on the side. The road is made of llama carcasses. Llama carcasses are also falling down the road with me.

I stop by a store to get provisions. I walk in and order some of the first cheese I see. I ask the store owner how it is. "It's a little on the thin side," he says. I'm in a hurry and don't really pay attention to him. I orer it anyway. "Ok," he acquiesces, "but I didn't eat it." He slices some for me. It is the last of that sort of cheese they have.

Then I see a llama carcass hanging there. I order some to use the meat as provisions for the trip. They cut me some slices. It is very fatty. I go to pay for the meat but see that I have no money. So I pay with the cheese. However, the owner notices it's the cheese he just sold me. I am very embarrassed. "Oops. That's the wrong cheese," I say, implying that I meant to pay with a cheese I bought in another store. I eat the cheese to show the proprietor that I meant no offense by trying to sell his cheese back to him. I think back to his warning. Indeed, the cheese was thick one one side, but each slice was transparently thin on the other. It was also pale-green in color and tasted fatty. I hope I'm not going to get sick.

For the sake of the Boss a girl is taught to eat shit. She stands naked in a white shower. Water is flowing all over her and the wine bottle on which some shit is slowly dissolving. The Crony, a sickly looking nerdy man is showing the gorgeous Girl how to do it and he's enjoying watching her. At first she protests, but everyone knows she has no choice and the last of the shit is eaten from the floor of the shower.

Watching girls eat shit is becoming popular. Two women go to watch a third perform at a club. I am outside the club when I see the Violent Man involved in a duel. He has easily killed many men before, but now something is wrong. He is unarmed before his opponent. I can't quite hear what they're saying in the distance, but it looks like the Opponent is teaching the Violent Man how to use his gun. I have a bad feeling about this. The Opponent gives the Violent Man a weapon. They square-off. The Opponent rushes forth, screams, and on one knee manages to shoot the Violent Man in the head, blowing his brains out. I start crying and rush in to the club to tell the girls.

NOTE: Please follow the hardlinks for possible symbol interpretations.

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