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I don't know what gave me idea, or where I got the money for signs or tables. I don't know why I thought only seven or eight of you would show up. I didn't expect it to be a huge tour weekend here at the college, and I didn't expect you, Yuki, to be there. But you were. In that weird dream way you were.

That is the only thing about this dream that I did not believe.

I started talking. My crux point? Anything is possible with true faith, strong belief. I was confident as I spoke off the top of my head. Not a rarity, but uncommon when I speak with passion on any subject. You, Yuki, became enamoured with it... and for some reason (I know it was believable and valid), we ran. We just... ran off.

"You are the closest thing to an apprentice I've ever had."

"You will find your oracle someday."

We walked for a while down the train tracks, chatting, until we reached a town. It had gotten dark, and we decided to book a hotel room. More talking, more thought.

Then we were in a restaurant, and I was looking for a bathroom. I found one, but at some point during that trip I had pondered going back and getting my laptop and cell phone charger. I told her that, and we were back to Columbus.

I get back, and tell Neo I've started an exodus, then I talk to Yuki... and she speaks as if nothing has happened. I also find that I was in a material sciences course that I'd never been to class for, from a paper that was very familiar to me from some other source.

And as all things must, it ended.

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