So I had a weird dream last night that started out as me going to my high school reunion. I brought my fiance, Chris, with me , of course, but for some reason I had also brought along my daughter.

We entered this massive banquet hall/hotel/art museum (??), and were greeted by a number of my old classmates. I only recognized maybe a half dozen people during the whole thing. The odd bit was that the six or so that I recognized were probably some of the least remarkable people in my class (a bit of dream irony?). The hotel/banquet hall/museum was the interesting bit, though:

The floor that we were on was really a series of large, carpetted catwalks, or pedestrian bridges, with glass railings on each side. Huge gaps in the floor between bridges gave a view of the many massive fountains down below.

"Fountains" is really only an approximation. The things were as large as swimming pools. Most were tiled, in beige or white or grey ceramic. They were each constructed differently, designed as architecture more than as sculpture, in varying patterns designed to create a sort of sculpture from the flow of water itself. One of the fountains had massive analogue gauges mounted above it on the wall. The gauges twitched and changed, but I had no idea what they were measuring. Another fountain was all dark grey with massive stone sculptures all over it, each diverting the water in various directions, which was the point of the piece (the flow of the water, more than the sculptures themselves.)

There were other exhibits. One room had sunglasses for guests to try, which, when worn, caused one to see the world as if everything were cel-shaded and black and white. The effect was very "noir", for lack of a better term.

Later we went to some restaurant, which later turned into an old abandoned apartment on the second floor of a condemned building (??). There was no way down, the fire escape had been removed and the stairs were gone. We could see other apartments on the first floor through gaps in the floor. I remember being upset because one of my old classmates, 'Amy', was wearing some sort of odd silk blouse that exposed her breasts. I remember thinking that it was entirely inappropriate since there were children, including my daughter, at the reunion.

The dream ended shortly after that. The last bit, of course, makes absolutely no sense in the context of the dream, but lots of my dreams end oddly like that. (With strange out-of-context conclusions, not breasts (Generally).)

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