Some people had to get to Helsinki, and I was asked to be the driver. Since I lived in my 14-wheeled armored construction vechile, I agreed to take them with me and we headed out.

The trip went well, but during the travel one of the travelers read from a book about a madman who had killed people with a fork, and by some strange coincidense his face had a lot in common with Jesus. He actually looked like Jesus in disquise, but suprisingly, I looked even more like the fork murderer. We soon stopped by a store to pick some supplies I needed, and when I walked back to the car with a handfull of forks, it scared the hell out of the travelers. For the rest of the travel, everyone was rather quiet, and I couldnt help but giggle when thinking about it, which again scared the travelers even more.

Our travel was interrupted by a construction work in the middle of the road, and that got me serious again. With my vechile I could have easily gone around the construction work, but I didnt like it so I broke straight through the walls of the structure that was being built there. That was pretty cool, so I laughed insanely, making the already pale travelers back into the corner of the cocpit. I made a handbrake turn, turning the vechile sidewards to the building, and told the travelers it was time to engage the wrecking ball, but I woke up before getting it up to the crane on top of my vechile.

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