Last night I dreamed that I was on a small spaceship with a group of alien warriors. Something went wrong and the engines died. So we had to take inventory of all our food, especially our water, and make it a rule that no one take any showers since we couldn't afford to lose water that way. The warriors were enraged by this because they had just come on board from a bloody battle, and as part of their customs, they had to cleanse themselves of their enemy's vile blood. But I convinced them not to shower by giving them the choice of being dirty or being dead.

We had a lot of food on the ship, but we had no way of knowing how long it would be before someone found us, so we ate very little each day. On the third day, it happened to be my birthday, so I allowed everyone half a bowl of orange jello as a special treat. No one would touch it. They were mad at me for not allowing them to bathe, yet indulging myself just because it was my birthday. They also felt that it was my fault for us being lost in space since it was my ship and I should have had it fully checked before heading off. But I hadn't had time to.

Finally, we were found by another ship only a few days later. We had plenty of provisions left, but were weary from all the hostilities.

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