I had this dream a few nights ago, though I'm not exactly sure when...

 I woke up from bed. I was on the second floor of an old shack on a stormy night, and the Dream Shrine music from "The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening" was playing. I heard a crash from downstairs, so I went to go see what it was.

 When I got downstairs, there was a bar at the top of my vision. It showed 30/30 HP (Hit Points), 25/25 MP (Magic Points), buttons that showed a pair of swords, a shield, fire, a drop of water, a rock, wind lines, and a fairy. (Maybe the fairy is healing magic?) All the furniture, including the refrigerator, was knocked over.

From behind the chair came...


 "Final Fantasy Tactics" music started playing. He struck with his fists, the screen (I'm just going to call my vision "the screen", okay?) flashed red, and my HP went down to 20/30.

 I pull out a sword, hold it up, and say, "Fire!!" The swords and fire lit up. My sword was covered in fire, and I swung it. Domon flashed red. He struck. The screen flashed white, and my HP went down to...


 "This can't be..." I thought to myself. "It's over, and I'll have to reload from my last save file..."

I held up a bow. "White Shot!" The fairy and swords lit up. The arrow glowed, then teleported instantly to its target, which was now covered in white light, flashing white.


In front of me, words materialized:

50 GP and 100 experience obtained.

 "No... this... can't be... but they... they will finish... the mission..." Domon collapsed, and I started feeling agony in my legs, which I soon noticed were covered in slime.

 I woke up. It was my kitten, painfully chewing on my leg. I rubbed his head, covered my legs in a blanket, and went back to sleep while my kitten continued to painlessly "play" with my leg.

I was in a grassy field.

There, on the other side of a tree, was Shippo.

 "Oh, it's you." he said. "If you wish to wake up, you'll have to fight me." I nodded. "Then let it be so..." With these words, he rushed at me, unleashing a flurry of punches which I blocked.

"Hey Willy, give me some help here!" he shouted.


"We can't let him awaken! Chocolate flood!"

 And so it was summoned. Shippo was covered in seconds. "No, you fool! Now he'll wake up!" His hand went under. Oh well, hope he enjoyed the last moments of his life!

 The flood came my way. "Why, Willy Wonka!?" I started running. "WHY!?" It caught up...

 I woke up at a dock next to a bush. Link was there. He gave me a book.

 I read out loud, "Magic Spellbook - Please see Magic Journal."

Link gave me the Magic Journal. I took a pen, and wrote:


 I looked in the Magic Spellbook. There, in the same handwriting,


 "Wow! I'm gonna test this!" I pointed my arm at Link. He suddenly looked shocked.

 "FIRESTORM!" And so, in an explosion, the ground was blown out from under him.

 "Cool!" And so, I continued, with spells like "Snowflake" and "Tribolt".

 The boat began to leave. I decided I had to get on. As I left, Link said, "So you're done!?" "Rainy Day!" Whoosh! "GYAAAAAH!"

 I hopped across the water, grabbed the side of the boat, and climbed through the window.

 Shippo fell from the sky, and when he hit the water, he turned into a fish that resembled himself. He got into the engine and began eating the power crystals, some of which were Shikon Jewel shards!

 To get him out, I had to get a fishing pole from nowhere and fish him out - an easy task. Soon he was out - and Ranma...

 I have no idea why he transformed into Ranma. Not only that, it was Ranma as a girl. We hit land. The announcer said, "We have arrived at Dark Beach. Please enjoy your stay." Why was the sky a dark grey?

 It got REALLY weird here. A trash compactor hovered over the boat, turning everyone except Ranma and I into zombies - identical zombies...

 They had grey hair, white skin, and red, rotted clothes. "What's going on!?" I said to Ranma, who was now Shippo once more.

 We began fighting the zombies. I was using "Exorcise", a spell in my book. Shippo was burning them to the ground with Foxfire. There were too many, so we both jumped off the beach to sea...

Over the grey water, I knew it...

 Shippo was the one who caused them to be zombies in the first place!!

 "You fiend, you killed the passengers and made them return from the dead! Rainy Day!"

Shippo was caught in a misty gust of wind.


The wind grew.


 Shippo was dragged into the water. A whale emerged, and I soon realized I was suspended in midair. The whale went away, with a voice inside shouting, "Release me! Get me out! I'll call my lawyer!"

 Shippo does not have a lawyer, and if he did I don't see how he would be reaching one...

This one is a little short, but is still a first for me. I've always been interested in dreams, even those of other people, but have been quite unable to remember my own. However, last night I went to sleep with the serious idea to remember one of my dreams, and did it for about the third time in my life. It's rather lacking in clarity though, I guess the machinery needs excersise.

Anyhow, on to the dream. It started out with me, and someone who I just knew was my wife (I'm single) walking out of some sort of building, apparently on our way to somewhere. We were still all dressed up, so it seemed we must have just gotten out of the wedding. As we were walking, someone who I didn't recognize aproached my "wife" and told her her girlfriend had been kidnapped.

Using the wonderful powers that dream logic seems to afford, we decided that the best thing to do would be to go to the girlfriend's house, and ask her about it. Of course! An instant transition to her house followed, where, of course, we met the kidnapped girlfriend. She informed us that she had been kidnapped by aliens, and that we would have to rescue her before they decided to eat her.

After this, it starts to go all vague and disjointed (I remember the prior paragraphs quite clearly, including sounds of voices, feelings, etc). I think it had something to do with magic rockets, or something. Unfortunatly, I have no other clear dream memories. I may have woken up soon after what I do remember, I can't be sure.

Honestly, if all my dreams are going to be this drab and silly, I don't think I'm going to bother. Do everyone elses dreams make that little sense?

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